Saturday, September 15, 2012

1st time giving caviar nails a go!!

Top Coat-China Glaze first & last
Nail Polish-Revlon 240/Impulsive
Micro beads-Martha Stewart luster glass micro beads
Container/any old Tupperware
 These nails are super easy to achieve just paint one nail and then sprinkle on the beads, just make sure you do it over the container so you can save the ones that fall. Dab them to make sure there secure and then paint a top coat over it & move to the next.!

Surprisingly the beads stay really well!!

Pink is the only Martha Stewart beads that I have right now, if anyone wants to recommend any other color combos i should try that would be nice! Thanks :]

I also made a video for this check out my YouTube link below!

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