Monday, October 15, 2012

Braided Little Girl Hairstyle

First I divided the hair into 4 different sections, the top being the biggest.
For the bottom section I made four braids then the section above that I made three braids

The next section I made two braids and then for the top I decided to make the braid off to the side and add two braids coming from one rubber band.

I couldn't get a really good picture from the front because my daughter doesn't like to sit still when I tell her to smile. LOL

*Time: About 45 mins.
*Supplies: Brush, Comb, Hair Gel/Grease, & about 25 rubber bands

*UPDATE: I re-did Maliyahs hair today using some hair ties made from goody. They made her hair look alot more girly/princess like!

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