Thursday, October 25, 2012

Subtle Ombre Hair

Yesterday I went Jade Hair Studio to get my hair done & I wanted to try this ombre style that I've been seeing a lot lately but I didn't want it to be drastic like the bleach blonde a lot of people do, so I opted for a brownish color one the ends and then some caramel color throughout my bang area! It turned out pretty. Next time I think I'll go a little lighter so it's not so hard to tell. But overall I love it :)

In the next few weeks I'm going back to get the California smooth treatment it's supposed to reduce fizz like 95% or something crazy like that! I can't wait to have more manageable curly hair! I'll post another entry after its done :)

If anyone has heard anything about the California smooth treatment let me know please!!
Just Getting Started on this afro mess!
My hairstylist Shawna

The end results!


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