Thursday, October 25, 2012

Princess wands

What you'll need:
Wood dowels
embroidery thread
Hot glue gun
Curling ribbon
Stretch cord

The width of the tulle should be 6inches & the length should be 5inches. Your going to cut 16 of these pieces. Divide them into two piles of 8.
Take the embroidery thread and tie it really tight around the middle, do this to both piles. After that you want to lay them on top of each other so the embroidery thread looks like a cross & then tie them together as one.
Then just fluff out each piece of tulle.
After that take one wood dowel and put a drop of hot glue on the top and place it in the bottom where you tied the thread, i also but some glue around the dowel once it was in place. You can either cut the extra thread off or glue it to your stick.
Then take the 1/4in ribbon and twist it around the stick and glue it in place.
You can add pretty much anything you want to make it more fun & girly i added some curling ribbon and some beads on a string/cord. Just glue it as high up on the dowel as you can.


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