Monday, November 5, 2012

Princess tutu #1

What you'll need:
4 different rolls of tulle
Scissors/something that you can cut the tulle with
Elastic band
Yard stick

First your gonna want to measure the amount of elastic you'll need for the tutu to do this put the elastic around the waist of  your child/ whoever the tutu is for. do no stretch the band. After you have the right amount your going to want to take your thread and needle or go to your sewing machine and sew the band together over lapping about .5inch to 1inch.

 I wanted to make a shorter tutu for my daughter so i decided to measure out 18 inch strips of tulle.
I used two pieces of tulle at a time. Tying two knots... the first one going the length of the elastic band and the other going the opposite.Remember to not make the knots too tight or it will not stretch

After i had put a lot of tulle around the band i stretched it out a little bit over a chair to see how many gaps i needed to fill.
After that is all finished you can add the ribbon. I just tied it around a piece of tulle. into a bow!
   To see where i got the idea from click here!                                  


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